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Discover modest pieces you love, without the time commitment.

Meet Italicist (eh·tal·ah·syst)

Italicist analyzes the fashion you love — and with your price & modesty preferences in hand, presents intuitive, personalized fashion selections that ship quick. 

We scan hundreds of fashion brands for pieces that fit your individual style standard. And the best part? Italicist gets better the more you use it.

Our mission is simple — to revolutionize the way women discover modest clothing. 

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Whether you're discovering your style or you're the proud owner of a curated closet, Italicist makes it easier for anyone to find modest pieces that fit and wear well.

No Guesswork

All curated pieces follow the Italicist standard.


Ready to Wear

Wear without worry — no outfit modifications needed. 

Learn the Essentials 

Simple style tutorials and systems that reflect your faith.


Fine Tuned Style

The more you search, the more we learn.  

Why Italicist?

No Guesswork

All curated pieces follow the Italicist standard.

Ready to Wear

Wear without worry — no outfit modifications needed.

Learn the Essentials

Simple style tutorials and systems that reflect your faith.

Fine Tuned Style

The more you search, the more we learn.

Frequently asked

Frequently Asked Questions

As women of faith, we shouldn’t have to choose between modesty & style. 
Everyone has a different path to discovering their own personal style, and we’re here to help you find the right fit. We believe in the power of technology, conviction, and human empathy to make the journey simpler. 
The Italicist Standard only features pieces that have high and modest necklines, opaque materials, longer hemlines, sleeves and better overall coverage.
The patterns, prints and embellishments? We’ll leave those details up to you. And with your preferences in tow, we search every corner of the internet — so that you don’t have to. 
Now, instead of spending the time modifying something new, you can simply slip on an outfit that fits and wears well. The result? Effortless pieces that make you feel confident, comfortable and covered.

Our Story

Modesty means something different to everyone. It’s a deeply personal commitment that inspires the way that we live our lives. And while much of modest fashion is geared toward women of faith, it extends to those who prefer it for other reasons, as well — often as simple as comfort.

The modest fashion movement was born out of a desire for stylish pieces that respected our standard of dress. While the wealthy had stylists, the rest of us would spend hours combing through the internet for items that we could actually wear straight out of the box. And the ones that we couldn’t? We’d pair with a long sleeve shirt, a few structural safety pins, or perhaps simply cover the open back with a blazer. 

Take a formal event, for example. Let’s say you’ve got an event coming up and you need something sleek and timeless but still holds true to your modest standard.

The moment you start browsing online, you see some options….except, the dress has a high slit. Or a deep v neckline. Or the back is out. And the internal debate starts to kick in. “Should I also buy a shawl? How about adding in a blazer?”

And if the event was happening in the same week? Forget about it. If you didn’t have something already bookmarked, it would take forever to find and perhaps even longer to ship.  

Brands that we love, like H&M, Banana Republic and Macy’s have experimented with modest collections. High end

Style has been the cornerstone for self expression since the beginning of time. Clothing brands & fashion houses alike spend trillions of dollars each year on just that.

Serving those who prefer modest fashion is also something luxury brands have tried out.

Alternative investments have been the cornerstone of making wealth, and keeping it. Yale has 60% of its endowment allocated to just that. Whereas, most of us simply invest in home ownership or the stock markets.

Between most people and alternative investments like art or real estate, stands a near impenetrable door. Made from high minimums, expensive fees and often decade-long lock-ups, this door is built to keep people out. And, traditionally, the only ones with the keys are the wealthiest 1%.

With Italicist, our mission is to become the new key to that door. To revolutionize access to fashion that respects our standards.

If you are rich in faith, hope and love, you are one of the wealthiest people in the world. This is the new wealth that we should aim for in our lifetime. 

That’s why when you join Italicist, the goal is not only to help you find modest pieces you love, but that are also uniquely you.

For the woman who prefers to stand still rather than stand out. For the one who prefers comfort over sexiness. 

Zim Flores
Founder, Italicist

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